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File Details - Kings Cross Moorgate Closure London Underground Stike 9/1/17

Kings Cross Moorgate Closure London Underground Stike 9/1/17

This Timetable was created by Officer Dibble and re-mastered by Chrisdmadd based on 09/01/2017 LU Strike.

***Multiplayers Please Read and post this with host information!***

Its Autumn 2014 and the London Underground is shutdown due to industrial action.

Great Northern Services for Moorgate are being diverted to Kings Cross from start to finish. Some services will terminate at Finsbury Park and reverse at Drayton Park.

As you would expect 2 doesn't fit into 1 so there will be delays into Kings Cross particularly on GN services that have been diverted. These services may be held outside of Kings Cross on the US2 to await platforms. On the day of the strike many Moorgate trains left Finsbury Park on time and arrived 20L into Kings Cross.
Diverted trains ran into Kings Cross in service but ran empty from Kings Cross to Finsbury Park PL8 to work their return service from here. This is replicated in this TT.

*** Kings Cross Panel ***

You will come across platform conflicts, some services will have to wait while a platform will become available within a few minutes. Some Moorgate trains will have to wait a while longer.
Moorgate trains will run into KGX but then turn back to Finsbury Park to sit and wait for the return workings. Keep an eye on these services and their TTs as they may get in the way of a non diverted service leaving KGX.

*** Finsbury Panel ***

You will need to keep an eye on trains to Drayton Park, check their TT's as many switch platforms and some later in the day run to Moorgate to reverse. You must also watch for services coming from KGX for Platform 8 via the DG (Diverted trains). These services will be early from KGX and will require careful regulation.



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30/06/2017 at 19:23
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