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File Details - Wembley Mainline Spring 2020

Wembley Mainline Spring 2020

Written by Jamie Stallwood (9pN1sEap)

Based on Real-Time Trains planned movements for Tuesday, 3rd March 2020, there are approximately 1200 trains in this scenario over 24 hours.

Freight services have been set with appearance probability so no two runs will be exactly the same in that regard. Note also that 2M/2O Southern, 2C/2D Overground, and 2T LNW services will appear late if their predecessor services were delayed out of Euston (but some rules are omitted to enable service recovery).

Known Issues
Services reversing at WM1184 need to be talked through - notes added.
Run-round service 0O07 needs to be talked through reds - notes added.
CS Loco 0S25 needs talking through from Up Sidings - notes added.
Trains between Camden Junction and Acton Wells Junction (crossing at WWLJ) don't step up their timetables.
Trains from Willesden Euroterminal Down don't step up past No. 7 Jn. [Unconfirmed]

Some LNW and Voyager services at Euston have been slightly changed from the diagrams to match the information from RTT.

Some freight types have been guessed at, based on the available information in WTT (Books CY16, LD06, PF01 and WK01).

Other Notes
Southern (2O) services from Watford to Clapham have a generous timing allowance on the UWR line. Hold them to time at Mitre Bridge if necessary to avoid delaying Overground (2Y) Stratford-Clapham services timed ahead at VC818. CHECK YOUR SIMPLIFIER!
Euston Platform 16 is in the WTT / RTT, however platforms 16-18 are currently OOU due to HS2 works. It is just about possible to accomodate all the services with extensive shuffling.

Issues Resolved since V1.1
Changed 6B74 to pants up & shoes down!
A couple of post trains had missing rules.
Tweaks to RMT platforms following feedback.
No services now go in/out of EUS P17-P18.
5M27 has a minor timing change at HLG Reception.

Issues Resolved since V1.0
4O26, 5N03 and 6D32 had incorrect electification.
5L00 causes merry hell if appearing early - tweaked with SDO stop at Railnet Reception.
5L0x-2 called wrong route at Camden Jn towards Stratford.
Some mail train consists have been changed from 4-car to 8-car.
Up Sleepers needed to pull up closer to the buffers.
Some CS stock was failing to appear due to faulty rules.
Added some crew changes and minor timing adjustments at Wembley R.P.

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06/10/2020 at 23:27
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Wembley Mainline Spring 2020.WTT

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