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File Details - SALISBURY 2020-12-17

SALISBURY 2020-12-17

SALISBURY 2020-12-17

User-contributed > Timetables > Salisbury
13/01/2021 at 19:28
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1.4 The Simulation is based on Thursday 17th December 2020. The first week of the Winter Timetable. Engineering Work is taking place off area so some of the Waterloo / Exeter Services are starting / terminating at Basingstoke. The Steam Charter that is in the Timetable was cancelled at the Last minute due to a Govt change in the Covid Restrictions, I decided to leave it in. BE WARNED Schedule Clashes do occur but the data is from a well respected Buckinghamshire Planning Establishment so it is upto the "Bobby" to sort. Timetable Analysis shows no Errors or Warnings Data is from the NR Cif file for the date with extra information / data from TRUST , Engineering and OTM Haulage Notices for the week. Thanks go to my mini team of Testers and of course to Geoff Mayo for introducing SimSig tp the World.
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SALISBURY 2020-12-17.WTT

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