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File Details - Motherwell May 2021

Motherwell May 2021

Please report any issue on the forum. Thanks!


The TT data is based on 26th May 2021 but trains that were cancelled IRL due to the fire at Edinburgh SC are (mostly) timetabled as planned. Stock data from RealtimeTrains has been added where known.

Some tweaks have been added to the Caledonian Sleeper workings to make them fit the sim.
A few the Class 325 mail trains have been trimmed out to ensure next workings functioned.
Trains that would use the electrified "Wagon" sidings at Motherwell TMD have been brought in and out of Derby Sidings instead, as TMD is not electrified at all in sim.

Warnings about non-described berths E544/J722 will be corrected in sim code by Peter in due course. 2P services terminating at Newton P1 currently do not get routed by ARS.

This version has been designed to chain with Central Scotland May 2021 Timetable v0.6 or higher, and Cathcart May 2021 Timetable.

Whilst timetables for EDB, and Carlisle are in writing that will chain to this timetable, this current version has not been tested and is NOT guaranteed to work with the chained version. Please check for updates before proceeding if planning to run in chained mode.

Version History
v0.6 20210616 - Initial Release
v0.7 20210619 - Improvements to CS Lowlander, correction to Class 380/1 traction type and chaining compatibility with Cathcart. 5M50 reversing issue resolved. UTU consist length fixed. 4S47 R/R corrected. Other minor timing corrections.
v0.8 20210629 - Timing corrections to chain with Carlisle, Dalston Oil Tanker shortened and shoes removed from 92's and mail trains, Missing Highlander added.
v0.9 20210919 - Minor corrections. Shunt moves at Coatbridge FLT added. Compatibility with EDB chained timetable. Separate chain timing rule set merged in.
v0.10 20211015 - Minor corrections to speed for a couple of Class 6.

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15/10/2021 at 22:42
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Motherwell May 2021.WTT

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