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File Details - Shrewsbury Spring 2022

Shrewsbury Spring 2022

The TT data is based on 17th-19th March 2022. Stock data from "a small enthusiast website" has been added where known. Some ECS workings have been slightly amended to alleviate capacity constraints.

This version has been designed to chain with Spring 2022 timteables for North-East Wales and Hereford.

Rules have been added for some test services returning from Crewe/Hereford.

Running Notes
The Cambrian Line (towards Welshpool) is closed throughout whilst storm damage is being repaired. Signal SUB12 and the HC1000 slot request button should therefore be collared. The following TC's are under engineering posession: TSB12, TSB13, TSB18, TMAA, TMAB.

Some minor platform and path alterations have been applied to avoid some Mexican standoffs.

Run-rounds for 6C37 engine have been tweaked due to lack of path via DML in the TT validator.

The line speeds from Shrewsbury to Gobowen have been raised since the era of this sim, so trains to/from Wrexham will arrive slightly later than timetabled.

The shunter at Abbey Foregate is rostered for 1630-0130 on Thursday and Friday evenings, 1900-0200 on Saturday evening. You should request slot into sidings for trains during those times.

On Saturday, 1W44 is stopped at Harlescott X due to an incident which causes the line to be blocked in both directions from 07:49 for several hours. No services are permitted to run in the Harlescott or Crewe Bank SB areas, or between Wem and Yorton, during the period that 1W44 is at a stand. The Nantwich signaller should not accept trains from Crewe, nor offer trains to Wrenbury.

Release History
v1.0 20220612 Initial Release (not yet compatible with Hereford)
v1.1 20220613 Correction to Cl. 153 and Cl. 197 accel/brake rates
v1.2 20220616 Add request stop to Wrenbury, Prees and Yorton

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16/06/2022 at 10:51
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