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File Details - Leeds Ardsley Sep 2023

Leeds Ardsley Sep 2023

Please log any issues to the the forum! Thanks!

The TT data is based on 6th September 2023. Stock data from "a small enthusiast website" has been added where known. Freight allocations found with the help of user reports at ltsv.com and the WTT's (YH09 & YH11).

This timetable chains to West Yorkshire and Doncaster North (v0.7 or higher) and will chain to Sheffield and Leeds EW once these TT's are completed.

Operational Notes
Remember: "ARS is an aide, not a replacement signaller"!
Special attention is needed at South Kirky Jn (Dn) where ARS can set class 2's ahead of class 1's coming from Doncaster, and Westgate S. Jn where it can call stoppers on Down Doncaster before trains from Kirkgate.

Version History
v0.6 20231017 - First Release
v0.7 20231026 - Compatibility with DN. Minor corrections to stock types (including IC225).
v0.8 20231230 - Changes to freight types (thanks jc92)

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30/12/2023 at 16:18
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Leeds Ardsley Sep 2023.WTT

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