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1985 Edinburgh Timetable

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Re: 1985 Edinburgh Timetable 12/01/2012 at 10:36 #27159
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I've had a few minor issues due to a lack of rules on certain workings, most notably the Rosyth Dockyard trains, where I had the return departures appear before their ECS had arrived. Also a lot of the ballast workings were appearing at Slateford before their loco had arrived; or were departing Millerhill before they had arrived from Slateford.

This probably wouldn't be an issue in an issue-free scenario, but I was playing bad weather and failures which highlighted the problem.

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Re: 1985 Edinburgh Timetable 12/01/2012 at 11:21 #27162
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Yep, I saw the same with the oxwiliam cement trains. I haven't seen it on the Slateford trains though, which is strange as I had a lot of delay's in the balast workings due to a 5mph speed limit on the suburban lines. I might overlooked the engine/train combinations though due to the mess it was slowly becoming.
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Re: 1985 Edinburgh Timetable 23/03/2012 at 16:40 #30848
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Thanks for the timetable. It's very enjoyable, and does get hectic with the pway traffic.

Just one unreported problem so far. 1S35 is booked into Parcel bay 1, however is too long for the platform. What should said train actually do?

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Re: 1985 Edinburgh Timetable 23/03/2012 at 17:17 #30850
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Hmm thought that was altered

2 Options either shorten to fit or use P7 as its clear from 20:50 to 22:52

If you use P7 associated trains 0S51-1 5S35 & 0S35-0 all need editing to P7 as well

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5G02 is not appearing 19/04/2012 at 14:13 #31677
5 posts
I discovered that 5G02 is not appearing.
The rule “5G02 must appear 5 minutes after 5V01-0 leaves the area” is preventing 5G02 to appear, because 5V01-0 is not leaving the area, but forming 2V01. With the rule “5G02 must appear 5 minutes after 5V01-0 arrives at Edinburgh Waverley”, 5G02 will appear. For the people who are such far in the simulation that 5V01-0 already formed 2V01 and, for that, the rule is not triggered, just delete the rule and 5G02 appears.

However, agilchrist, should be there a rule for this two trains overall, because I see no relationship between them like with the other 5G.. and 5V.. trains (Kirkcaldy Yard trains) and the timings do also not fit as 5G02 is timetabled much earlier than the 5V01-0, but the later has to leave area/arrive station to trigger the earlier one?
Checking this problem I also found in the TT some of the 5G.. (06,08,10,17,22,26,30,36) train describer and also 5V19 double-used. I don't know if this causes trouble, because I am not so far with the simulation at the moment.

By the way, a great TT, love it, thanks for it.

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1985 Edinburgh Timetable 09/11/2012 at 14:36 #37365
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In the timetable there is 0C97-1 from Millerhill at 22:40 that goes to Craigentinny. In the train details, it is shown as a LD for 5C97-1 but there is no 5C97-1 included in the timetable.


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