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SwinDid Summer 2011 Semi-Fictious TT

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SwinDid Summer 2011 Semi-Fictious TT 28/03/2012 at 17:00 #30990
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Hello all,

I have submitted my SwinDid Summer 2011 Semi-Fictional TT to the admins for approval, should be up soon. This is Semi-Fictional as it is a diversions TT with times done myself. Also, the freight is from the 2012 data as I didn't keep any 2011 TT's.

This is 1 timetable of a few. Neighbouring sims of Westbury, Gloucester and Bristol are being tested and once these are out, you can chain them together. The 2011 TT will expand to 6 other simulations too.

All trains have length and running numbers included, which was some mission to plan out but I did it, mainly for a challenge!

Anyway here is the blurb from the TT description box to see if it's something you'll like or not:


It's a Summer Saturday, and there are planned engineering works in the Uffington area today. So, all HST's are diverted via the Berks and Hants, with a reduced service on some Bristol TM trains, although South Wales services will run to their normal hourly daytime pattern, and an altered half hourly service in the morning and evening.
Ex-Cheltenham High Speed Service's will terminate at Swindon and pick up the return diagram from there.

In addition, an hourly HST shuttle service will be running from Bristol TM to fill the gap between Chippenham and Bath Spa. Some services are extended to Swindon.

Freight trains are also diverted where appropiate, though for your signalbox, only the Didcot freight trains are diverted with one freightliner passing through the area to reverse at Swindon Cocklebury Yard.

Passenger times taken from the FGW TT's 2011, with freight taken from the 2012 data as I have no 2011 TT's.
Engineers train's are completely fictional, hence the TT is Semi-Fictious.


It is easy for 1 player too, though more can be involved if there are delays set.

Any comments or issues would be welcome, note there are two timing errors left intenionally in so I wouldn't report time errors, only if I've given a train a rather silly tight time to get from A-B (like Chippenham to Thingley in 30 seconds or something) however I have given it a test and it *should* be ok.

I don't know how engineers trains work, so if you think they are there for too short/too long of a time, or needs more trains there, let me know and I'll expand on it for v2. Anything else you think could be included, I would be interested to hear reasonable ideas too.



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