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Edinburgh 1993 timetable now available

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Edinburgh 1993 timetable now available 08/12/2012 at 23:17 #38947
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This timetable has been updated for the new release of sims, although with very little change.
Chains to the matching CScot1993 timetable.
It is in the user contributed timetables section of downloads here

This timetable is a combination of the 1993 passenger and freight working timetables. The 1993 WTT did
not contain coal trains, these being planned weekly, so the 1999 coal timetable has been used instead. The
timetable runs from 0000 to 2700 (ie 0300 next day) and generally uses trains running on a Thursday. To
avoid a rush of seed trains, the last few late night service trains are not included at the start. A small
number of train failures have been set to occur randomly, these require a loco change as per the timetable
but will result in late running and platform blockages.
Short distance ECS movements are invented to match stock requirements. A few alterations were needed
to the stock diagrams to suit the sim, notably to cope with multiple docking in the station.


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Edinburgh 1993 timetable now available 26/01/2014 at 21:03 #54260
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Just found this on YouTube, for those who thought the daytime Motorail in this timetable was made up.
(OK I may have the consist wrong....)


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