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Clearing points (overlaps)

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Clearing points (overlaps) 09/12/2012 at 12:38 #38966
Adrian the Rock
111 posts
I've noticed the sim seems rather inconsistent in the way it reserves overlaps when trains are signalled from one box to the next.

When trains are signalled towards Deeside, it works as I would expect. However,

  • when a train is signalled from Carrog to Glyndyrfrdwy, the white 'route set' line only runs as far as GL16 signal, whereas I would have expected there to be a clearing point up to at least GL15 if not GL14;

  • when signalling a train from LL10 to Goods Jn, I would have thought the overlap should be right up to GJ24;
    [li]from GJ to LL15, the latter is immediately in rear of the points so I'd have expected one or other platform would need to be clear for a move up to this to be permitted;

  • from Glyndyrfrdwy to Carrod, the latter has an outer home (CA1) but I would have expected it to have an overlap to at least CA2;

  • similarly, shouldn't GJ2 have an overlap to at least GJ11?

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