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Edinburgh query

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Edinburgh query 08/07/2015 at 02:14 #74013
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I am currently running Edinburgh 1993 Timetable v1.0 and for some strange reason am having a delay with 6S93 which despite having a route set to Monktonhall Junction with all signals being at Green from signal EF517 to EF513, the driver insists on stopping at every signal and says awaiting signal.

However I can see I have no track circuit failures, no signal failures simply put I fail to see why the driver is stopping and reporting waiting signal.

The driver even reported having a signal being put back on them which had nothing to do with me as all signals were at green and still were at green when the driver rang in.

Why? I would attach a Save file but I can't find them using Windows Explorer :(

The other thing is why is 6S93 going no faster then 8mph, it's meant to be a Class 6 freight not a tamper doing engineering works!!!

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