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Westbury SX 2015 v1.1 Update

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Westbury SX 2015 v1.1 Update 28/01/2016 at 22:22 #80181
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Hi All,

Tim and I have released an update to the SX2015 timetable that we released last year. The thread for the original timetable is Here.

Changes are:

  • Corrected errors as reported.

  • Reformatted the description of Freight Services, thanks to new information coming to light. Descriptions now give an indication of Operator and Train Load type.

  • Better rules management for trains that do not run 100% of the time, particularly either/or services.

  • Compatability with the newly released Bristol SX2015 timetable (you will need the new V1.1 Westbury timetable to effectively chain with the new Bristol Timetable).

The Glastonbury Add On for the 2015 timetable will still work, but as far as we are aware there is no matching Glastonbury Add On for other simulations, so you will not be able to chain with Bristol etc when using this add on.

The Download Link for the new timetable is Here.

We have tested this release so we hope there are no residual issues, but as always, if you find any bugs, comments etc. Please add them in this thread.

Thank you

Andrew James (kaiwhara) & Tim Squires (Temple Meads)

Sorry guys, I am in the business of making people wait!
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