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Cannot pass signal 82 at danger

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Cannot pass signal 82 at danger 20/03/2017 at 01:40 #93882
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I'm having trouble working around a track circuit failure. Track circuit T1596, on the down Vauxhall line, has failed. I've asked a previous train (2K07) to examine the line, and that has reported back that the line is in fact clear. Train 2R26 is stopped at signal 82, and has phoned in, and I've given permission to pass the signal at danger, but it just sits there. I've tried nudging the train gently (F2, "Shunt forward" ) but to no avail. Any hints?

"Birmingham New Street 20091015 (0445 start)" timetable that ships with the sim; the description says "TT version 4.2, dated 14th March 2014". Loader V4.5.15. If it matters, I took the most recent loader update after starting this particular run through. (I don't think that updated the New Street sim data or the timetables.) Also if it matters, on a Mac on WINE. Save file attached.

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Cannot pass signal 82 at danger 20/03/2017 at 17:00 #93921
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Just after signal 82 is a virtual 3-way connection, due to the track layout changes between eras in that era. Unfortunately sometimes this means that passing signals without a route set causes confusion for the driver as to which way to "steer" the train (!). Noted as Mantis ticket 17055 but no solution as yet.
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