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Ideas on multiple dwell times

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Ideas on multiple dwell times 10/09/2017 at 10:13 #101688
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Another thought about dwell times.

If a terminator with an N action has a dwell time set, could the dwell time be configured so that the N action could not take place until the dwell time had elapsed? That again would give the opportunity for the number of rules in a sim to be reduced.

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Ideas on multiple dwell times 12/09/2017 at 12:40 #101735
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Steamer in post 101678 said:
I've outlined a proposal below. This proposal assumes that the current method of working out times is thrown out completely, and starts from a clean sheet of paper.....

Seems sensible to me Rick!

In the timetables I write, I use the Station Fwd / rev / divide / join with specific values for each train type and then for stations / locations that have a different amount eg the London termini that require longer turnarounds I put in custom dwells for the terminating train to prevent the N: train leaving "early" if the terminator arrives later than scheduled.

If a train has dividing (or joining) activities as well as N: I have tended to leave the custom dwell blank and just used the the variations I've put in, in the train types. Partly as not being a railwayman, I was unsure whether the dividing minimum times in real life are included or excluded into the overall minimum turnaround times.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the discussions, but I feel it is important to make sure that whatever is decided, that dwells used in already released timetables continue to work (even if by a legacy tick box) after the updates so that writers don't need to go through entire timetables making changes. Having written for Wimbledon, Vic Cent & SE, those alone are over 5-6000 trains!


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