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What happens to the old panal boxes ?

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What happens to the old panal boxes ? 19/10/2017 at 19:27 #102397
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Passing the old Leicester PSB. I noticed that some lights were on. Later,passing the old Trent PSB,everything externally is still in place.

I've wondered for some time what happens with these boxes post re-signalling ?
Are they still used by S & T for some purposes ?
I'm surprised they've not been demolished. I suspect some interlocking is still in these buildings,but it seems strange that they are still standing after this time.

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What happens to the old panal boxes ? 19/10/2017 at 19:53 #102399
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Take Hooton as an example, it was turned into an office for MOMs.
"Platform 1 your Maesteg service. Platform 1A your Aberdare. Platform 2 your London!"
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What happens to the old panal boxes ? 19/10/2017 at 21:49 #102403
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Leicester PSB is still used as an office for the Leicester MOM, and the two Leicester LOMs. There is also some S&T working there and they have a workshop onsite too. The panel has now been completely removed so there is talk of the old operating floor housing more office space.

Trent PSB isn't used as an office any more and there is no daily presence on site. However, the interlocking room on the ground floor is still in use, with the interlocking for some of the Mansfield workstation housed there. There may be other interlocking there too but I couldn't say.

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What happens to the old panal boxes ? 20/10/2017 at 09:13 #102407
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I believe Hackney Downs is now an office for the North London (!) MOM.

Barking was always shared with LT - 2 boxes, with the train announcer's position between them (and communicating doors); I believe the BR side has now been converted to a messroom for the LT regulators.

Euston was in a rather anonymous office block by the station throat; AFAIR it only occupied one floor. The block is still there (and presumably panel room and relay room suitably converted).

Willesden was demolished after a fire a year or two after it was abolished.

Watford, Bletchley and Coventry are still there, seemingly (when I passed on Wednesday) used as some kind of staff accommodation; I don't believe there is any signalling equipment still extant.

Rugby has had the upper floor demolished, leaving a long, low and very anonymous grey brick structure.

Old Oak has been demolished, after standing unused for some years within the Eurostar (now Hitachi) depot at North Pole (I believe asbestos was an issue there).

Stratford (the 1949 LNER box) has completely gone; one of the pillars of the large footbridge leading over to Westfield now marks the spot.

Goodmayes, Ilford Car Sheds, Ilford Station, Forest Gate Junction, Bow Junction, Mile End, Bethnal Green and Liverpool Street (again 1949 structures, apart from Forest Gate where the panel was installed in the old manual box) have all been razed and it is almost impossible to see where they were.

Those are the examples I can think of off-hand. So the general answer is that there is no answer, it depends on local circumstances.

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What happens to the old panal boxes ? 14/11/2017 at 15:31 #102885
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Old Oak was left derelict for many years within the North Pole Eurostar depot and only has been recently demolished when North Pole was converted to the Hitachi depot for the IEP/IET.

Reading was demolished to make way for making Reading's station bigger. Swindon and Slough panel buildings still stand, and I know that Slough is used at least as an office.

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