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Moss Vale Issues/Bugs

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Moss Vale Issues/Bugs Yesterday at 17:29 #111339
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Mattyq in post 111325 said:
rosslamont in post 111323 said:
Really enjoying the Australian Sims.

Have a general problem with trains from Boral Marulan. They are all timetabled to stop at Medway Junction, but they never do. Where are they meant to stop? The problem is they just carry on up the main line, and end up very early at Moss Vale, with the timetable still showing the next stop as Medway.

Fixed in Vers 1.2 (next release)
Here's a couple more issues that you may not be aware of.

1) Trains from Unanderra which have a scheduled stop at Moss Vale Jct and need to be routed via the North Fork, call Wrong Route even when NF is chosen as the Moss Vale Jct platform. If the route is set via the Branch, then the route is accepted and the train makes its scheduled stop at signal MV35, which doesn't make sense. Train TM71 is an example.

2) Trains approaching Stockinbingal from Milvale call in with the message "Driver of [none] to Junee Control. We're approaching Stockinbingal.", but they do this as they are passing through Stockinbingal. Train 1PS6 is an example.

For info, I'm running v1.1 of the sim/timetable and v4.8.1 of the Loader.

I'm really enjoying Moss Vale - it's certainly a very different world to work in.


Lyn Greenwood

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