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King's Cross and West Hampstead updates

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King's Cross and West Hampstead updates 24/08/2018 at 15:01 #111452
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Would it be possible to look at doing a few updates to both these sims in order to allow up-to-date timetables to fully work? I've written 2018 timetables for both and have had to do a few bodges in places, which only just about work - and in places cause clashes which wouldn't exist with the correct layout.

Areas of interest are:
1) Hertford North - facing crossover from down to up just south of station. It would also be good to see the ETCS area between Hertford and Stevenage simulated, although this isn't necessary to make the timetable work, but the old Simsig layout does produce a major capacity bottleneck during diverts.
2) Alexandra Palace - ability to route trains out of north end of Hornsey to Alexandra Palace down platforms. The ability is in fact there on the sim, however the timetable editor rejects it as an invalid route which means such trains fail to enter.
3) The up-to-date layout at Copenhagen Junction where the Canal tunnels diverge.
4) Whilst not so critical to making the timetable work, would it also be possible to have a look at Letchworth Sidings reception road to put in a more realistic layout? My understanding is both south reception sidings are through routes, with ingoing services being called north by the shunter, and outgoing services telephoning the signaller for permission to pass a stop board.
5) 125mph running on the MML where applicable. Lack of this currently causes EMT services to lose a bit of time in places.

1) Bedford Jowett Sidings. Again this is more-or-less there by using Bedford Yard, but it throws up a traction discrepancy due to this route not being electrified.
2) Sundon Up Goods Loop - lack of this loop is a headache as it throws out up freight workings.
3) Cricklewood South Sidings - the layout here appears to have completely changed, and with many Thameslink & EMT workings starting and finishing here it has been difficult to bodge this without throwing up conflicts.
4) Canal Tunnels at St Pancras and resignalling through the core, although this isn't so important as it's easy to omit the GN services off West Hampstead without spoiling the sim.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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King's Cross and West Hampstead updates 24/08/2018 at 16:24 #111458
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I have no plans currently. WH actually has a few more changes - West Hampstead station itself; 125mph running in parts - two changes off the top of my head.
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King's Cross and West Hampstead updates 10/11/2018 at 01:49 #113218
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I’ll be honest I have to agree. I appreciate it would mean more work but getting some form of VSE / WH / KX update just to be able to do a ‘what’s it like after Thameslink’ would be really good. There’s also an exit out of Hornsey onto US2 half way along it; and making Blackfriars look and behave as it should now would be a huge bonus (even if under conventional signals).
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