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Unexpected Wiki links

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Unexpected Wiki links 05/09/2018 at 16:41 #111880
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I’ve just been looking through various bits of the Wiki and, under “Simulation Operation” in the section, “Reading the Timetable” have found that there are two links that take you to the SimSig Home Page and not to where you would expect.

The first can be found in the Sub-section “Path, Platform and Line”, at the end of the paragraph starting with the words “Platforms are specified…………” The last sentence contains the word “here” which is supposed to be a link to a forum discussion about “Path” but actually only takes you to the Home Page.
(First Screenshot)

The second can be found at the end of the Sub-section “Pos(ition)” where there is a link to “a forum thread for a discussion about Allowances and Position”, but again, you are taken to the Home Page.
(Second Screenshot)

It may not be possible to redirect the links to the forum discussions in question, but I thought that I would mention it in any case.

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My goodness, that was difficult, but I managed it.
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Unexpected Wiki links 05/09/2018 at 18:43 #111886
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I've removed them; the links were put there before the website re-build a couple of years ago, obviously things changed in the re-build so the links aren't valid. The topics will still be around, but I suspect they won't be of much use. The page seems to explain the concepts well enough, and any additional information should really be written up on the Wiki, not linked to in Forum posts.
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