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XML Timetable creation

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XML Timetable creation 31/10/2018 at 02:46 #113008
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I've been playing around with the National Rail data feeds (would prefer the Network Rail ones, but there's a queue so momentarily unavailable) in an attempt to extract timetable data from said data feeds, and convert it to SimSig XML format.

There being a lack of reference data (the info on the wiki is not very helpful), I've resorted to figuring out the XML schema files from the timetable data (i.e. extracting SavedTimetable.xml from the WTT file). I've attached what I have so far, but I'd like to know if an "official" version of this exists, and if it could be made available

However, I also discovered that when I try importing a timetable in this format into the sim via the "Timetable -> Import -> From XML format" option, the only result I manage to get is "Exception in TXMLTimetableLoader.LoadFromFile". This seems to be a bug, as when I open the XML file directly (Timetable -> Open -> then select the XML file), the timetable opens successfully and all the trains appear (it requires some further work, but much less than entering all the trains manually...).



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XML Timetable creation 31/10/2018 at 04:03 #113009
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The XML schemes for importing, and saved timetables are very different. It's by design.

We could probably do to update the wiki, but that's a longer term project.

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