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Simulation and Timetable Release Schedule

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Simulation and Timetable Release Schedule 04/03/2018 at 19:13 #106438
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Simulation and Timetable Release Schedule

First off, a note of caution, this only applies to simulations in development by Headshot119 (Karl) and Pedroathome (James), and timetables in development by Meld (John), Kaiwhara (Andrew) and MarkC (Mark). Other things may be released by other developers above and beyond what is planned here. All timetable releases referenced are from the 8th of April 2015 set. Any simulation released is assumed to ship with an 8th of April 2015 timetable.

I will keep on top of this post, and add any updates, changes etc as we go along.

Release Schedule

Quarter 1

Simulation - Manchester East – Late Q1 (James) - Released 30th March
Timetable – Huddersfield – Late Q1 (Meld) - Released 4th March
Timetable – LTS – Late Q1 (MarkC) - Released March 31st

Quarter 2

Timetable – Marylebone – Late Q2 (Meld)
Timetable – Oxford – Late Q2 (Meld)
Timetable – Leamington – Late Q2 (Meld)

Quarter 4

Simulation – Port Talbot – Q4 (Karl)
Simulation – Hereford – Q4 (Karl)
Simulation – West Wales – Q4 (Karl)

Release Date Not Decided

Simulation - Manchester South – Undecided (James)
Simulation - Stockport – Undecided (James)

Simulation Information

Manchester South

Covering Manchester South, and Macclesfield signal boxes.



Covering Heaton Norris Junction, Edgeley Junction No 1, Edgeley Junction No 2, Stockport No 1 and Stockport No 2.


West Wales

Covering Pembrey, Kidwelly, Ferryside, Carmarthen, Whitland, and Clarbeston Road signal boxes.


Note - This screenshot is from the editor, hence the slightly different look


Covering Sandhills IECC



Covering Stock SC, and Rugby ROC


Discussion can be posted in https://www.simsig.co.uk/Forum/ThreadView/47551

"James Street, Moorfields, Liverpool Lime Street and Liverpool Central"
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