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Trains Taking Wrong Routes

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Trains Taking Wrong Routes 21/04/2019 at 12:04 #117774
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I think I'm right in posting this in the sim thread rather than the timetable thread but moderators please move if incorrect.

Running Vince's recently-released and excellent Early 80's TT, I've just had the following trains take wrong routes without complaining:-

2B22 1018 Exeter - Paignton took route from Pfm.3 Exeter SD set towards Exeter Central (after I left an Exmouth headcode in the TD).

1B34 0825 Padd - Plymouth, booked to call at Tiverton Junction took wrong route from E40 Sig along the Down Main and is now showing stopped at Tiverton Junction. I wrongly routed an Up train at Tiverton Junction (I can't recall which one) and that train stopped at E61 Sig to query the route.

Earlier in the morning I wrongly routed 5B61 0027 Hackney Sdgs - Barnstaple back into the sdgs from Newton Abbot Pfm.1 instead of routing towards Exeter after misreading the schedule and thinking it was the shunt loco going back in, and he took the wrong route too. Fortunately I spotted my mistake and was able to reverse him before he disappeared.



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Trains Taking Wrong Routes 22/04/2019 at 13:20 #117792
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Mantis 24759, 27560 and 27561 respectively.


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The following users said thank you: Phil-jmw, VInce