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Signal 238 reverting to red unexpectedly

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Signal 238 reverting to red unexpectedly 19/07/2019 at 06:22 #119493
308 posts
Hi! I just discovered that, with an onward route from signal 238 and it showing green over yellow, if I then call a route from 244 to 240, then 238 reverts to red, despite not being involved in that route in any way. However it comes back to green over yellow if I also call a route from 242 to 238, and then goes back to red if I cancel the 242→238 route. I don’t see anything in the manual suggesting that this is normal.
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Signal 238 reverting to red unexpectedly 20/07/2019 at 01:32 #119518
253 posts
236/238/240 are located on a gantry right on the far side of the points, easily within view of 242/244. The track also curves slightly to the right in the up direction.

When you set turnout routes in the area, signals which do not have a route set towards them may revert to stop. This is deliberate, to help prevent drivers 'reading-through' the signal they're meant to be obeying.

This happens a few times in other areas of the sim as well.

This photo shows the close signal spacing

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