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ARS Errors Hither Green / Grove Park

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ARS Errors Hither Green / Grove Park 20/07/2019 at 12:45 #119528
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Putting these in their own thread as they were missed / not acknowledged when I added them to the previous thread I'd started. If these could be logged into Mantis that would be great.

These were all found on London Bridge version 1.4 Era 2010-14 and Loader 4.9

1) 5J02 save - where ARS wrongly sets from Bramdean A to Grove Park P5 instead of P1 so it can't get to Bromley North

2) 5U91 save - For a route from Hither Green -> Lee Spur Jcn (CWM) -> Grove Park Depot ARS will not set from Sig 295 to sig 301 (awaiting R95AM to prove). Once manually set the remaining route is set by ARS. Incidentally should the route Grove Park Depot -> Lee Spur Jcn -> Hither Green also be a valid route as it isn't currently recognised in the sim.

3) 5S18 save - ARS had set from the shunt signal leaving Grove Park up sdgs (country) but doesn't set from the next full signal.

4) 5F99 just after ideas of routings for this one. Leaves Grove Park down sdgs (London end) (1306) reverses at Lee Spur Jcn and then goes through the washer into the depot. I can't find any locations in the drop down menu for reversals, so any ideas or do some extra locations need to be added


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ARS Errors Hither Green / Grove Park 21/07/2019 at 18:25 #119546
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Logged for now; will get back on the questions.

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