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Trains not stepping up berths

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Trains not stepping up berths 11/01/2020 at 11:57 #122828
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I've just tried to run the 15th October 2009 04:45 TT on Standard Difficulty and have found a few issues which I can't understand why they are happening so I hope someone with better knowledge then me can explain...

1. 2W03 03:40 Bedford to Brighton seeds at Signal WH410 Platform 4 at Farringdon when it's booked to use Platform 3 at Farringdon.

2. The simulation states that 2W03 is at Kentish Town when it is sitting at Platform 4 at Farringdon.

3. 6C32 03:08 Mountsorrell SS - Elstow, Redland seeds at WH376 and is meant to reverse at Elstow WH597 signal however, it doesn't step up as it passes though Bedford and it stops at Elstrow WH348 signal and won't reverse as it still insists that it is at WH376 signal.

Any idea if it's the simulation or the timetable at fault?

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Trains not stepping up berths 11/01/2020 at 13:09 #122829
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1&2 are the same issue, its been seeded in the at the incorrect signal.

The 0445 start is not a default sim TT, downloaded from the website. There is a 'West Hampstead 15/10/09 Timetables' which I presume is what you've downloaded. This version has no version control on it apart from the date it was uploaded to the website. There is also a 'West Hampstead TT 15th Oct 09 (0445) start' which while it appears to have been uploaded to the website about 6 months prior to the other upload, this has a version number of 4.7a, which matches the version number of the default 2009 tt (that being V4.7)

In the second upload, 2W03 is seeded at S420, Kentish Town P1. If you look at the tt for 2W03 in the version that I believe that you are playing, his TT states that he has locations of Kentish Town, Dock Jn North, St/Pancras International before he gets to Farringdon. Therefore he has clearly been seeded at the wrong signal, so that is Timetable error

As to question 3. the save game you have put up has no 6C32 in the sim. Can you upload a save game with this train in the sim please, the current ssg is pretty much pointless for debugging any of these issues.

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Trains not stepping up, TT Issues 11/01/2020 at 13:29 #122830
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On a bit of a further investigation, Point 3 is also a TT error.
In the savegame you put up, looking at 6C32 in the TT editor, He is seeded at WH376 but has his first location of Sharnbrook Jn. He is seeded after his first location, and so his TT will not step up because he is still looking for Sharnbrook Jn which he is not able to reach.

I've also found that the 'West Hampstead 15/10/09 Timetables' from the website, does appear to be listed V4 of the timetable in the version control at the bottom of the F4 window. If this is correct, then the file that was uploaded later in time, is an earlier version (the second uploaded file appearing to be V4.7) so all these bugs appear to have been resolved in the V4.7. This is the V4.7 0445 start which I suggest is likely to be the more up to date TT Version. Both TT bugs you have found have been corrected in this version of the TT.

A point of note also, the questions in this thread are nothing about Berth steppings, they are all timetable related

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