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Stirling no permissive working on platforms? (EGIP)

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Stirling no permissive working on platforms? (EGIP) 05/02/2020 at 11:43 #123170
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Does the real Stirling have no call-on signals to any of the platforms in the EGIP layout? I have compiled a 2019 TT for Central Scotland (presently testing). There is a service from Edinburgh that splits at Stirling then departs for Alloa & Dunblane, but rescipricol join up. Is that because trains cannot be called onto occupied platforms at Stirling? There is a working where two empty trains return to Stirling Platform 10 and birth there for the morning, but there is no call on to berth the second train.
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Stirling no permissive working on platforms? (EGIP) 06/02/2020 at 00:49 #123181
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Permissive working is only permitted from PLS SM51, SM61. Thus, only allowing for ECS movements to use these. They are from SM51, trains can be routed on top of and into platforms 9 & 10 and from SM61 - Platforms 6/7/8/9 & 10.

There's no permissive working from the main lines or the Kincardine lines to allow trains to join in passenger service.

For the TT that you are compiling... 1P07 is the 1719 from EDB - DBL, Splitting at STG on P6. front portion would continue on as 1P07 to DBL at 1805 and then 2N57 1809 STG - ALO as a new service.

This has since been changed as 1A83 was taking a hit in delays because of the length of time it was taking to split 1P07/2N57. So now 1P07 runs as 1N07 and the front portion runs to Alloa at 1810 and the rear portion to DBL runs as 1813.

SN46 can route a train into Platform 9, up main, down main and centre sidings (4&5)
SK6504 can route a train into Platforms 9/6 but all are non-permissive.

Platforms 6 & 9 are PP-A - detaching only, or during periods of significant distruption.
10/8/7 PF.


Even though PP-A allows class 1/2 to join, signalling for passenger trains does not allow this for STG.
Hope this helps.


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