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Leeds Northwest SX 2020 (0330 Start)

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Leeds Northwest SX 2020 (0330 Start) 23/05/2020 at 21:58 #127056
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I have submitted my second timetable for Leeds Northwest simulation.
Below, is the timetable description;

Timetable based on Tuesday, 11 February 2020.
One of 3 Timetables (Leeds East / West and York North, South and Leeds Ardsley)
Start time: 0330
Finish Time: 2700
Total Trains: 429

Training is in full swing on the Aire Valley, for the Class 331 'Civity' trains, operating under 5Z headcodes. The training unit for Skipton is 331012 (3 Car or 331/0). Currently, 2 diagrams are operated by Class 331/1s (4 car units). The rest of the services are covered by Class 333s and Class 322 EMUs.

LNER have started using their new trains, the Class 800 and 801 units, which consist of 5, 9 or 2x5-car trains, which form the morning peak Skipton and Bradford Forster Square to Kings Cross services, 1A13 and 1A07 respectively. In the evening, however, only 1D26 is an Azuma set and 1D28 is still a 'classic' Class 91 MkIV set.

Direct Rail Services (DRS)
It's RHTT season and the Rail Head Treatment Trains are out. Running as 3J11 on the Kingmoor to Kingmoor Circuit.

All services as diagrammed:
Information taken from RealTimeTrains and Open Train Times.
Northern and LNER diagrams.
CIF Schedule from NR.

Due to limitations within the simulation; trains that are booked to call at Apperley Bridge and/or Kirkstall Forge have to skip those stations. This is because Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge are not physically within the simulation but the location is there in the timetable, and because of this, the train's last location will still be "Apperley Bridge" or "Kirkstall Forge"

5Z7x which reverse at Shipley platform 5 lose the headcode when leaving the station towards Saltaire, also 5Z77 when reversing at Bradford Forster Square, also 'loses' the headcode, simply reinsert the headcode and it works fine.

Thanks to:
GeoffM for SimSig as a whole.
noisynoel for creating this excellent simulation.
The people who tested my timetable.

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