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Kings Cross - All Day Multiplayer 27/06/2020

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Kings Cross - All Day Multiplayer 27/06/2020 29/06/2020 at 08:41 #128505
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andyallen4014 in post 128504 said:
Thanks for hosting it Oliver, was good to be a part of it, and interesting to keep an eye on it during sessions I wasnt rostered for whilst doing other things.

I think its something that is good as an occasional thing, too often would take the interest out of it.

I also think it's more manageable as one sim rather than a chain, perhaps Manchester Picc could be a good one for next time as there are plenty of panels and some can be doubled up as you will always be at risk of people letting you down.
Thank you Andy, I wouldn't be looking to do this often, but it's interesting every so often. I did think about Manchester Picc to be honest, although now that the Ordsall curve has been added, Manchester North and Manchester Picc would be a good combination with all the TPE traffic.

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