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Safety-critical communication

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Safety-critical communication 28/06/2020 at 16:36 #128422
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Lovely snippet from a letter in this month's Modern Railways. Writer Mel Holley is replying to some discussion about safety-critical communication and includes this tale from his training course:

" . . . . Calling in an emergency from a signal post telephone, we were taught that, to ensure the full attention of the person at the other end, you should start with 'This is an emergency call . . '

"And, said our instructor 'then if you listen very carefully, you'll hear the Saltley signalman put down his cup of tea.'"

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Safety-critical communication 28/06/2020 at 18:55 #128436
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Understandably, I'm not going to mention places and names here but it reminds me of the time in the 80s when there was a test of the emergency alarms from the box I was in to another one to the west of us, supposedly pre-planned.

When there was no response, our supervisor rang the supervisor of the other box to which the response was

"So that's what it was then - we did wonder....."


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