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Mystery telephone lines

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Mystery telephone lines 04/07/2020 at 07:26 #128972
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According to the instructions in the manual in the wiki, when sending a train into the Moss Vale Up Yard, one is to phone the Moss Vale Station Manager to ask permission. This all works fine. However, I noticed in the list of phone numbers entries for Moss Vale Up Yard (N) and Moss Vale Up Yard (S), both giving the usual Request/Cancel/Cancel All options that one finds in other sims at telephone-required sidings and such. What are these phone numbers for? AFAICT, the manual in the wiki never tells you to phone them.

Cootamundra appears to be in a similar situation, having both the Cootamundra Terminal Supervisor (who can be asked to accept a train from either end of the yard) and also the Cootamundra Yard (N) and Cootamundra Yard (S) phone numbers.

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Mystery telephone lines 04/07/2020 at 07:36 #128973
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In the latest version many of the phone calls changed as they never made alot of sense.
A clean up of these is needed, and update to the manual needs to be posted.

As far as I recall the only places you need to call are Berima (both places) and for train orders.

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