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King's Cross Summer 2019 (Su) timetable (sim 3.7 compatible) submitted

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King's Cross Summer 2019 (Su) timetable (sim 3.7 compatible) submitted 12/07/2020 at 00:54 #129492
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I have submitted a reworked version of the Summer 2019 (Sunday) timetable, optimised for sim 3.7. Due to the amount of rework to make it compatible with 3.7 I am treating this as a completely new timetable.

The following general changes have been applied:
* Times now to half minute resolution as per WTT
* Allowances included as per WTT
* Ex depot / sidings trains now enter 3 minutes before departure time instead of 2 minutes

The following v3.7 changes have been applied:
* Platform numbers added for Royston, Baldock, Letchworth, Biggleswade, Potters Bar and Highbury & Islington as per WTT
* Letchworth A/D/ Line timings added for moves entering ex Letchworth CS
* DCF line added for Hitchin where applicable
* Sandy fringe replaces Biggleswade, also Biggleswade timings added in consequence
* Langley South Junction, Bragbury Junction and Molewood Junction timings added where applicable
* Moves ex Harringay reversing sidings towards Alexandra Palace have a Hornsey timing point added

Operating restrictions:
* Thameslink services enter / leave simulation via King's Cross Goods
* Trains booked to enter Hornsey Depot via country end must be routed via Alexandra Palace platform 2

Please note due to lack of time on my part this timetable has not been fully tested, so please feel free to post to this thread any issues / problems.

Enjoy! A couple more reworked timetables will appear over coming days.

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