October 2009 timetable 0N01/4H17 rule

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October 2009 timetable 0N01/4H17 rule 06/10/2020 at 21:30 #132924
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In version 4.1 of the timetable October 2009 I have spotted a minor bug regarding the rules for train 0N01 (combines with an earlier 0N00 at Wembley LHS) and train 4H17.

The rules say that 0N01 appears 20 minutes after 4H17 leaves the area. So far no issues, but what I've noticed is that the description for 0N01 says Locos for 4H17 (DBS 2xCl92). Based on this description in combination with the entry location of 0N01 (Wembley Yard North Arrival) and the location where train 4H17 leaves the sim (Watford Junction) I think this rule should be the opposite, train 4H17 enters the area 20 minutes after 0N01 leaves the area.

This bug is situated in both the midnight start as in the 4.45 start.

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