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Network Rules & What is a Train Order?? 28/01/2021 at 01:14 #136818
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G'Day All, seeing various questions about this sim and all the little quirks we have in the land down under, i thought some of you might want to have a look at the rules that keep trains and people safe on the NSW rail network:

These are all publicaly available and are what drivers such as myself use day to day (although the main south is'nt part of the area i normally drive on)

For those of you who wonder what a train order actually looks like, for CRN Southwest it looks like the first pic i attached and for ARTC train order it looks like the second pic i attached (1. Please mind the redacting, bad things happen if certian info gets out 2. ARTC uses another type of train order, but not in this sim)

Happy Signalling - F

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