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Chaining Issue with Victoria Central

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Chaining Issue with Victoria Central Yesterday at 23:43 #137432
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When using the Jan to May 2015 Ver 1 TTs for the above sims, trains dont seem to like transferring very well between Herne Hill and Tulse Hill, it seems to be class 2 trains for some reason which is more bizarre.

F2 list shows the train tranferring to external SB, then stays in that state, leaving **** in the berth, on Victoria Central the train transfers fine but leaves the track section occupied behind it in the South Eastern sim.

This doesnt happen with class 1 trains, its only happened to class 2 trains. (Namely the 2O/2V trains)

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Last edited: Today at 00:22 by chrisdmadd
Reason: Attached save of 2v train about to transfer

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