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Goulburn Yard

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Goulburn Yard 07/05/2021 at 20:23 #139354
74 posts
Well I seem to have lost the "trip" freight working 1223 in Goulburn Yard. I got it in okay, then later got the message it was ready to depart. The diagram is a bit vague about where it will emerge but figured it will be at "N" GF which is shown as Down Yard South. Reversed the points with the GF (though shown red not white) then get a message from the train that the points are set wrong, with the summary shown against the buffer stops.
In an attempt to resolve the situation I've instructed the train to manually reverse and set the GF at the north end, see if it will come back out the way it went in. It doesn't help that there is absolutely no clue on the panel as to where the train is sitting, so any effort to resolve the situation is blundering around in the dark. The manual doesn't really help either. Short paragraph on getting the train in, but not how to get it out! Really needs to be more obvious and I'm open to suggestions how I resolve this.

Edit: Well having waited a little while, 1223 seems to have vanished as an active train somewhere in the yard, so god knows where, when or even if it might reappear!

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Reason: 1223 vanished!

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Goulburn Yard 08/05/2021 at 00:38 #139357
1774 posts
I've just tried to deal with this train - 1223-2 (I'm assuming the TT is Moss Vale v4.3.0; the train is scheduled to enter at 10:12) - and cannot find any problems with it. My steps were, in order:

- Goulburn Shunter called at 10:10:39 for permission for 1223-2 to enter; Permission is granted.

- Train 1223-2 enters at 10:11:40.

- I operate Goulburn Release N (left-click on the green F button); Message window advises "Frame can be operated after 5 seconds".

- Menu » Show » Lever Frames » Goulburn Frame N.

- Tick "Annett Key": Swing lever 1; Swing lever 2; Swing lever 3; Tick "HS6".

and if you follow that in order, eventually Train 1223-2 pulls out on to the mainline. Perhaps obviously you'll need to set a route from Signal G43; I suggest towards Signal G39. Once the rear of the train has passed Signal G43 you should be safe to follow the above in reverse order and then restore Goulburn Release N (right-click on that same green F button).

If you're still struggling, it would be useful if you could provide a save, ideally taken before 10:10 game time.

Hope this helps!

Keeping my current profile picture up until RAIB complete and release their investigation report. #RestInPeace #RIP #RailwayFamily
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The following user said thank you: flabberdacks
Goulburn Yard 08/05/2021 at 07:14 #139359
74 posts
There's an 0930 save of my current game in the Berrima thread.

Sounds like it's user error on my part then, though in mitigation there are no detailed instructions in the documentation as you've laid down. I'm sure last time I ran the game I got 1223 back out, must have been beginners luck. Looks like I will have to rewind to that save and try again. My point being though there should probably be more visual cues to represent what a signaller would see out the window or talking to the driver. At one point I even had Google Earth open trying to figure out the track layout in the yard, but I still don't know why the train vanished after telling it to reverse.

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Goulburn Yard 08/05/2021 at 09:06 #139360
74 posts
Update to the above, I have now managed to get the train out.
I suspect the key here is not to give permission until you have set up the GF, otherwise the train starts moving and ends up heading for the loco depot. I have seen something similar at Moss Vale with the Down Yard where if the route is not set out the yard, the train ends up on the spur. Difference there is you can see where the TC's are occupied.
In reality the driver would stop and query the road so while I accept a bit of user error it looks like the AI could also do with a bit more "I"!

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