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Two new timetables released - Perfect for beginners

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(Maidstone East) Two new timetables released - Perfect for beginners 23/11/2021 at 13:20 #142443
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Hey everyone,

Two timetables for the Maidstone East simulation have just been approved. Maidstone East is a perfect simulation for beginners to Simsig, looking to make their first purchase without overwhelming their senses. Keep in mind that there are free simulations available - Maidstone East is one of the cheapest though if looking to expand your horizons ever so slightly.

To purchase Maidstone East, click on this link.

The first timetable is based on November 5, 2021 and displays only the services which ran that day.

The second timetable is based on the May 2021-December 2021 Working Timetable with all services included. Most services which are shown in this second timetable are listed in real life as "Runs as Required", however, I did not set any percentage values so all trains will run all the time.

Please feel to provide any feedback or comments below. Thanks!

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