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Set Down Options - Yes (Variable)

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Set Down Options - Yes (Variable) 07/12/2021 at 22:13 #142799
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This is more a question for core code devs, but belongs here due to the subject matter.

With the new set down options implemented in Loader V5.16 we got the yes (variable) option as a default replacement for the old set down.
This comes with the description Quote:
Trains will either stop for their minimum dwell time and depart, or wait until their departure time, or somewhere in between (randomly)
What happens if:
A) There is no Departure time set and the minimum dwell time is greater than 0 (--d-- or --w--). How long will it stop for?

B) Train dwell time is greater that station dwell time (I'd assume by the language used that the station dwell time is used for the minimum dwell, but is this the case?, Is there a way to force it to be the other way around?)

These are more out of curiosity of how it works that actually useful to timetabling:

C) If minimum dwell time is greater than the time to scheduled departure, Is there a chance it will wait less than the minimum dwell time?

D) Will it.
i) Decide if to wait for minimum dwell, Decide to Wait for departure time or Decide to wait some time in between time to departure & minimum dwell
ii) Wait for a random time in the between Minimum Dwell & Time to scheduled Departure, inclusive

E) If i) in D, Is there any weighting to the choice, What is the probability of waiting for:
i) Minimum Dwell time
ii) Until departure time
iii) Random time between the two

F) How is the wait calculated? - I'd guess something along the below lines:

SET TimeToScheduledDeparture = DepartureTime - Time.Now
IF TimeToScheduledDeparture < 0 THEN SET TimeToScheduledDeparture = 0
Wait = RandomInRange(TimeToScheduledDeparture, MinimumDwell)


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Set Down Options - Yes (Variable) 07/12/2021 at 22:35 #142800
4428 posts
I can't answer this fully and with an accurate answer as it's not something I was directly involved in implementing, GeoffM is on holiday at the moment so you may need to wait a few days to get a full reply, unless Clive is able to clarify.
"Passengers for New Lane, should be seated in the rear coach of the train " - Opinions are my own and not those of my employer
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Set Down Options - Yes (Variable) 08/12/2021 at 10:16 #142812
2553 posts
Sorry, this is Geoff's code, not mine. I would have to spend some time understanding it before I could answer and I just don't have the time right now.
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Set Down Options - Yes (Variable) 09/12/2021 at 12:37 #142833
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From my use of the feature, I can add some comments. The code might have different intentions but these results solely from my observations.

A - A 'no depart' means there is no time to wait for (typically loco run rounds), so the train would normally move ASAP after activities. With a specific dwell it would be dwell + ASAP (I think ASAP may be non-zero with delays allowed ? )

B Two answers. A specific train dwell overrides the more general sim and train type defaults. A specifically timetabled stop dwell comes *AFTER* all activities not incuding them.
So if you have 3 default joins/detaches that will take 9 minutes, so to achieve a total station time of 15 minutes you only add a timetabled stop dwell of 6.

C No. Do activities, add dwell, only then consider the departure timing.

D, E not experimented enough to form an opinion. I am usually running no fails / no delays to test timetables.


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