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License ownership & host Statistics 06/02/2022 at 10:29 #145039
88 posts
I work with data, some might say I'm an amateur lumberjack because I love logs!
I don't know if SimSig tracks user interaction with the products or not, or even if it would be allowed under current privacy policies.

I was wondering if it is possible for statistics to be published to the forums say,
on which sims; have the most licenses assigned, are publicly hosted the most; which sims are checked out of the licensing DB the most (most played/most active), which sims were most purchased in a period
on numbers of users; active on the forum (posted at least once in the last period), active by logging into the v5 loader (surely it phones home on the regular to check if PW is still valid), all out total registered users
Possibly quarterly?

Data could be anonymised by giving numbers as percentages of the total number in that category or percentage trend, thus avoiding people further interpreting the data against the price of sims and their devs. And of course excluding any sims that are in private stages of development.

Beyond pure curiosity, it may help some users choose which sim to purchase next based upon the trends of the community and which sims to host based upon what has come before.

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License ownership & host Statistics 06/02/2022 at 20:38 #145050
Red For Danger
144 posts
I've often wondered how many Sim-Signallers there are and some background data would be useful to judge how big our community is. Although not to the level rfw suggested, it would be good to know where in the world people are, and what are the most popular Sims are etc
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