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Exeter update?

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Exeter update? 10/05/2022 at 09:27 #146425
2 posts
I've started the process of updating an Exeter timetable for May-Dec 2022, I think that a new Sim era option is required to address some of the following issuses I've had.

In the new WTT trains are timetabled call at Marsh Barton station (currently under construction thus not in the sim), could this be added please?

With the re-opening of the Okehampton branch line to regular traffic, I have been unable to keep services to the WTT, would it be possible to revise the line speeds on the branch?

I beleive that City Basin siding no longer exists and could be removed, unless this causes issues with backwards compatability?

Other wishful items (although not necessarily prototypical) that could be implemented with start-up option buttons;
An Auto-raise (or even full Auto working) button on Crediton level crossing?
Auto buttons on the main line signals at Tiverton Junction?
A 'scratch pad' with 'berths' for signals E641, E645, E666, E668, EJ7 and at least 2 for Goodrington Carriage Sidings?

Thanks in advance.

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Exeter update? 10/05/2022 at 09:29 #146426
64 posts
I'm going to be honest and say I doubt the simulation will receive future updates unless its something that's wrong in the era the simulation is set in.
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Last edited: 10/05/2022 at 09:30 by i26
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The following user said thank you: TUT
Exeter update? 10/05/2022 at 14:58 #146433
5876 posts
It's a free simulation so pretty much what i26 said. As for wishful items, we lean towards prototypical operation than game playing convenience.
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The following user said thank you: TUT