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Timetable Editor bug

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Timetable Editor bug 22/05/2022 at 15:44 #146566
7 posts
I've been trying to create a service that stops at Hassocks and Burgess Hill but it keeps moving the stations as the last stop when I click validate and close the suggestions, so I can add the suggestion. Its getting annoying having to manually move them and have it break when I try to edit.

Is this a known problem or is there a way to get round the issue?

Many Thanks

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Timetable Editor bug 22/05/2022 at 16:12 #146567
3741 posts
Double check that times at all locations have been entered correctly (i.e. you've not accidentally entered some times earlier/later than they should be), and that there are no 00:00 times in the schedule.
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