EOSError 1158 when trying to open new windows (Loader V5.28)

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EOSError 1158 when trying to open new windows (Loader V5.28) 16/12/2023 at 20:15 #154760
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Good evening,

while playing my current Crewe session, I encountered a problem.
Note: I didn't save/load the simulation when turning off the PC - instead I set it to sleep mode and later resumed the simulation which was still running.

After a while, at 17:25 simulation time, Simsig was unable to open any new windows (e.g. timetables, line-ups, confirmation prompts, phone window, save file window, ...).
It seems to me like Simsig doesn't close opened windows correctly when clicking the 'close'-button. Instead it seems they are still somehow invisibly open in background.
I even had to kill Simsig process because the Exit confirmation prompt didn't show up either.

I noticed that the Error messages ['17:25:53 Exception in PaintBoxMouseDown part LH (EOSError: System Error. Code: 1158.)'] had been logged on Simsig Loader0.log. I extracted and attached the log file of the current session.
There are also some errors with LineUps in this file that happened before - only the first of those errors (at 06:53) even showed up as a pop-up message in simulation while playing, but I didn't actively have any LineUp windows open at that time - probably they also somehow still were open invisibly in background as I had them open for a short time before those errors.

I also noticed - while hovering first the Simsig symbol in taskbar, then the Simsig main window (with the clock and menus) - the Simulation View disappeared and then a collection of some windows that should've been closed long ago now were shown again. When moving the mouse away, the windows disappeared and Simulation view appeared again.
I also attached a screenshot of that occurrence.

If it might help, my OS is Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (interestingly Technical Info window in Simsig incorrectly shows 'Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit')


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