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early trains to sidings

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early trains to sidings 02/02/2024 at 08:29 #155225
Isaac Neuman
3 posts
Hi guys,

Need some help here please.

I am a very rookie and playing at Royston.

what do I do with a train that is supposed to to go to a siding from K246 for example , however the train is 44 minutes early ???

I tried to move it to another siding but the train does not move once it stopped at that signal - so I had a nightmare..

Is there a remedy for this ?



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early trains to sidings 02/02/2024 at 12:34 #155226
1300 posts
Are you running Royston on the one and only timetable provided, or is it one of the extra timetables you can download ?

There is only one K246 reversal in the default TT - 6R02 at 07:35 so I will take that as the problem train.

The fix:
F2.. brings up the list of trains in sim
Right Click 6R02, choose 'timetable options' - 'edit timetable'
Click on 'Location list' tab
You will see K246 in bold - so it is the current location
Click on 'Down Sidings' and then 'Set current/next location'
Click on K246 and amend the 'set down' drop box to 'Stop and Go'

Now the why -
Freight trains can enter late or early depending on which difficulty level ('Scale of Problems'you chose at the startup

Back when the Royston sim came out options like 'Stop and Go' had not been added. It is of course nonsensical for a freight train to stop at a simple reversing point like this, but they will sometimes stop for time in loops etc.

(Many trains will not leave Dundee loop early as the drivers like the curry house over the road ! Phone call of 'are you for curry or home?' when passing Errol)

There is a general guide to submitting questions that ensures all information is present:
Worth a look for any future issues on more complicated sims / timetables, saves guessing the timetable you are running and other background conditions:


Mantis 40177 to update timetable

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The following users said thank you: TUT, KCRCRailway
early trains to sidings 02/02/2024 at 20:45 #155231
Isaac Neuman
3 posts
Thanks Bill,

So much to learn yet - that's what make this sim so interesting.

I will try your solution and see how it goes.

All the best


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