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Auto-save in MP

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Auto-save in MP 04/02/2024 at 17:02 #155245
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Bit of an odd one... just run an MP session with this sim chained to W Yorks and to Doncaster North (both acting as the server end of the chain, with DN subsequently a client of WY).

We ran from 0745 to 1130 sim. My global setting is to auto-save every 60 minutes, which WY and DN did on the hour. But the Ardsley sim only saved once at 1100 - not 1000, 0900 or 0800! (The saves did not already exist to need overwriting)


Jamie S (JAMS)
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Auto-save in MP 12/02/2024 at 10:53 #155305
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I suspect this might be Mantis 31477 (which had been deemed as not fixable back in 2020). The underlying issue I had come across was that if any secondary chained sims are a bit slow with reference to the master sim at the moment a snapshot is due, the cross-chain time syncing can then cause the clock on the secondary sim(s) to jump forward from e.g. 16:59:59 to 17:00:03 or something like that - since for that sim therefore 17:00:00 never actually happens, the corresponding snapshot is omitted.

The recommended workaround was to set the save interval to something more frequent.

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