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Shunt moves and Join activities 07/04/2024 at 23:58 #155989
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In the Wiki for shunt moves the text notes that join activities are discouraged.
Is this mainly if it joins a train the first time, it may not be there the subsequent times the shunt runs, thus getting stuck at the join location?
And as part of a join if the shunt train exits the sim as a result of a join, will SimSig see this as the end of the shunt move and allow it to enter again if interval allows whilst the newly formed train is still in the sim, resulting in two of the same shunts in the sim at the same time, with potentially conflicting movements and a potential Mexican stand off

If I am right on the above, would it therefore be safe to schedule a shunt to to join stock the same shunt move had previously detached from, keeping the original train's timetable active, such as:
Train enters Cornwall Long Rock West as 5A00
5A00 stops in the ULS
5A00 divides, new rear (DR:5A01)
5A00 runs round to the other end of 5A01
5A00 joins 5A01 (5A01 disappears in the join)
5A00 exits T&RSMD

Thanks in advance

The train now standing on platform 2, should be on the rails
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Shunt moves and Join activities 08/04/2024 at 09:17 #155992
Stephen Fulcher
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This should be safe, the usual example being a loco running round a freight train.
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