Recursive bug report: Network failure & subsequent hard crash

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Recursive bug report: Network failure & subsequent hard crash 13/04/2024 at 21:43 #156040
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I have found a bug when closing a server and disconnecting clients, that produces a recursive error report which hard crashes SimSig.

To replicate
1) Open 2 instances of SimSig (Instance A & Instance B)
2) On Instance A, start any sim with server enabled
3) On Instance B, connect to instance A as a client in the same sim
4) On Instance A, accept Instance B connection
5) On Instance B, claim any panel(s)
6) On Instance A, In the server control panel, stop the server
7) On Instance A, In the Network Control Panel remove Instance B as a client
8) Recursive error report box appears, recursively
9) Do not dismiss any error boxes
10) SimSig hard crashes

These are 2 different bugs, the former triggering the latter.

Bug 1) Network failure
I think it happens because when the stop button is pressed, it just stops the server and does not disconnect clients before stopping the server. And when disconnecting a client it assumes that the server is running and then is unable to perform some action involved in revoking the claimed panels

Bug 2) Hard crash - recursive error boxes
Repeatability of this is less reliable than bug 1. If you do not dismiss the message boxes they keep cascading and eventually fills up too much RAM that SimSig hard crashes (I have 4GB in this PC). I also found that if you do dismiss all the error boxes SimSig will carry on as if nothing has happened and won't allow the error box to cascade again. Searching the forum for recursive I was able to find reports of cascading recursive error boxes locking a user out of the game until force quit, but not of it causing a crash.
Possibly add some form of error handling that limits the number of error boxes, or make a safety .ssg with a pre-defined name and location that in the event of a hard crash gives some hope of recovering state of timetable and game state.

Here is a log extract:

Sim version: 1.1.0
Simulation loaded
00:00:00 Network failure while sending to (EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 00473BE8 in module 'SimSigLoader.exe'. Read of address 00000004)
00:00:00 Stack: 00683DFB 00683F67 0066FFA5 0067008F 0066C674 0044DC5E 00450ADC 00450C14
00:00:00 Stack: 00450ADC 00423ACE 7556177B 75557B6A 75558A99 75555E5F 7557AEBB 7557ABC0
00:00:00 Stack: 7557A0C8 75579562 7556177B 75557B6A 75557326 755443BB 00450BC0 00450ADC
00:00:00 Stack: 00423ACE 7556177B 75557B6A 755564A1 755480E0 0046C914 006A7D9D 763AFCC9
00:00:00 Stack: 77707C5E 77707C2E

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Recursive bug report: Network failure & subsequent hard crash 15/04/2024 at 04:27 #156061
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I'll be looking into this in the coming week - a little busy elsewhere at the moment. Thanks for the detailed instructions.
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