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Manchester Piccadilly Signalling Control Centre (MPSCC) opened in 1988 high up in an innocuous office building above the station of the same name. Unusually for a major terminus, it also includes two through roads which go on to form branches which cover a good half of the panel, leaving the eastern and southern approaches on the left half of the panel with Piccadilly in the middle.

Apart from the first few years, and the later addition of the Airport branch, the NX panel at MPSCC has not seen a huge amount of change. Nevertheless, in this simulation you'll find three eras included covering the three most interesting periods of the signalbox's life. A 2015 timetable is included which is quite intense.

Manchester Piccadilly is quite a large simulation with a number of panels. It is best enjoyed as a multiplayer with your friends, but also look on this website for upcoming public hosting of this simulation and others.

Manchester Piccadilly currently chains to the Manchester North and Hunts Cross simulations.

Look out for the Multibuy options to save money.

This simulation can be downloaded by clicking "Check for updates" in the Loader.

Individual simulations for purchase
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