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Cheshire Lines

Have you ever wanted a simulation, signalling a mixture of passenger trains, freight trains, and trams? Then Cheshire lines is the simulation for you!

Featuring 5 workstations, including Greenbank Signalbox, Deansgate Junction signalbox, Northenden Junction signalbox, , and two smaller signal boxes around the area, it is more than manageable by one user, but gives some scope for two people to play in multiplayer, or with a friend.

The simulation features two eras. A pre 1991 era before the Manchester metrolink, and a post 1991 era with the Manchester metrolink running into Altrincham

Two timetables come with the simulation, one for 2015, and one for 2019 and both are compatible with adjacent simulations using the same timetable.

And speaking of adjacent simulations, Cheshire lines chains with no fewer than three existing sims: Chester, Stockport, and Manchester South. Why not link up with Chester and Stockport, and control most of the Northern route via Northwich, you could even add Manchester Piccadilly on to control the whole route!

Make sure you check out the manual!

Greenbank Panel
Northenden Junction Diagram
Tram at Deansgate Junction

Individual simulations for purchase
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