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Warrington PSB

Do you want a simulation that's manageable but busy by one player, with a mixture of high speed, express, and local services? Plus freight services mixed in. But that also let's you join with 3 - 4 people in multiplayer? Then Warrington PSB is the simulation for you!

Covering it's namesake with three panels, plus the signal boxes at Eccles, Astley, and Arpley Junction, there's plenty to keep you busy. There's also opportunity to divert services within the simulation to avoid failures!

Two timetables come with the simulation, one for 2015, and one for 2019 and both are compatible with adjacent simulations using the same timetable.

Make sure you Check out the manual!

Warrington Bank Quay
Wigan North Western
Wigan Station Junction

Individual simulations for purchase
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