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Wigan Wallgate

Have you ever wanted a small simulation looking after a busy passenger service, with the occasional freight service, that's ideal for one player, but also nicely expands multiplayer games with a larger area? Then Wigan Wallgate is for you!

Featuring four workstations, covering its namesake Wigan Wallgate PSB, and the signal boxes at Rainford Junction, Parbold, and Burscough Bridge Junction. It's more than manageable by one player of any skill level, but can be hooked into the adjacent simulations as part of a larger multiplayer game.

Two timetables come with the simulation, one for 2015, and one for 2019 and both are compatible with adjacent simulations using the same timetable.

Make sure you Check out the manual!

Wigan Wallgate
Burscough Bridge Junction

Individual simulations for purchase
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