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Welcome to Wolverhampton PSB - another in SimSig's range of one-player simulations. It's still an important signalbox though, being on the main line through Birmingham. Under your control is around 20 route miles of track carrying local services to Birmingham, Shewsbury, Stafford, and Walsall, West Coast Main Line services to London Euston, Manchester, and Scotland, and cross country services between the south coast and the north.

Wolverhampton station has four through platforms in its later era and two bay platforms. Freight trains to and from Bescot tend to use the "avoiding" line around the back. While a relatively simple simulation to operate, there are periods of busy services requiring close attention for regulation.

Wolverhampton can be chained for even more fun with Birmingham New Street and Stafford! Provision has been made for an Oxley (to Telford/Shrewsbury) and a Walsall connection.

Individual simulations for purchase
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