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Wembley Mainline

Welcome to SimSig Wembley Mainline! The real life box was built in 2000, entitled Wembley Mainline Signalling Control Centre, and is located near Stonebridge Park LUL station (near Railnet Jn on the simulation). Four NX panels operate the layout, utilising desk control panels and a rear indications panel. Fourteen SSIs control the area.

Also shown in the simulation is the Royal Mail Terminal at Willesden. In real life Wembley Yard controls this area but as it's just a short stub into a “station”, it has been included on this simulation for interest.

Wembley Mainline simulation is arranged for four signallers, as per the real area (ignoring the Royal Mail Terminal for now), but on quieter timetables it is even possible for one player to manage (just!).

Wembley Mainline SCC fringes to the following signalboxes (simulations):

  • Camden Road (North London Line) at Camden Road

  • Wembley Suburban (Wembley Suburban) at South Hampstead

  • Victoria Central (Victoria Central) at Mitre Bridge Junction

  • Willesden High Level (North London Line) at Willesden High Level

  • Acton Wells (North London Line) at Acton Wells

  • Acton Canal Wharf (North London Line) North London Line at Acton Canal Wharf

  • Willesden High Level (North London Line) at Kensal Green Junction

  • Watford Junction (Watford Junction) at Hatch End

Please note that North London Line will not chain to Wembley Mainline until upgrades to North London Line are complete, and there is no estimate for completion of this at the moment.

Individual simulations for purchase
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